Monday, January 15, 2018

Quaker and cross stitch tracker

Hi stitchers 

The last few days I have made myself a cross stitch tracker. All the new charts I got in late 2017 and all the new Wips and old. Too many to count, I needed a place that I could just see what I have got.

So tabs are

Dmc, I mostly use dmc thread and I have found I'm starting to buy colors I already have. So far I've just put down all the DMC numbers not what I've got, but I will.

Other threads, this is for kreinik, rainbow gallery, weeks, classic and any other thread I have.

Cross stitch books, I have gone over my books. A few leave as I don't want to stitch anything in them and talk about old. Still I have a few that I'm to keep. This is not for all the magazines I have.

Last is Stitch tracker, which has everything and what I will be using the most of.
Chart, designer, start, end, fabric, threads, beads, wip, notes.

I have gone over all my stash, kitted and charts and filled this tab. The only charts that I have not put in are the heaven and earth designs and magazine charts that are not a wip or kit, or with fabric. I have so many but who knows if I will stitch them. If I do they to will be added. 

Going over my stash, there's so many I now what to stitch. I've also worked out what I hope to stitch this year and a group of small ones a set for next year. I need to stop buying cross stitch but I know that's not going to happen.

So to stitching, it's what you want to see right.

Halloween Quaker. I have seen lila's studio making a Christmas one, can not wait until that's out.


And now

Until next time happy stitching!!


  1. Great stitching , loving the witch .
    Oh I can't even look at my stash makes my tummy go over .
    I have far too much and will never stitch everything in my life time and still buy more ! but your ideas change in stitching , some I would not stitch anymore so maybe I can start to get rid of some .
    Have a happy stitching week.

  2. I love that quaker!! A great update.
    My tastes in stitching have changed so much too, there are plenty charts in my stash I will never stitch... but I dare not letting them go... in case my tastes change again and I fall in love with them again one day ;)