Thursday, October 30, 2014

A little help please?

Hi, First I would like to show you Zac's frame.

It's not a good photo but you see it.

Now I need help....
See I'm friends with a lady who has been a bit down on her luck for a while and I would like to stitch her something. 
Today I got to see her and asked what she is into. eg Angels, Fantasy, Oriental, animals. She told me colors.... mmmmm. She told me no one has asked her this question and she will think on it but in the meantime colors is all I have to work with. I don't what to stitch something big like most heaven and earth but I looked anyway here is what I've got so far

Iris Keeper Storykeep

Enchanted Manor Storykeep

Or a Free Fractal bookmark from XS Collectibles which I don't have yet, but I also don't think this idea will work.

Oh and no I don't have the charts above from HEAD. Just looking so far.

So I need help with idea's? Got any? Please 
Happy stitching!!


  1. Zac's frame looks really good - congratulations!
    As for helping out your friend, "colours" isn't much to go on! Perhaps a fractal bookmark would be perfect or what about a Pretty Little City design from Satsuma Street on etsy? They are colourful and maybe there's a city that means something to her? Good luck in finding a piece and do let us know what you've chosen. :)

  2. Zac's piece looks great framed up. I love both of those storykeep designs, especially Iris, but they are very time consuming. I love the Satsuma Street designs that Rachel suggests, or what about choosing a simple design but use variegated thread?

  3. Love Zac's frame, I love both of those designs.

  4. Zac looks great framed. It's so adorable. Both the designs are gorgeous but I especially like Enchanted Manor. But Justine and Rachel both had good ideas. I would also suggest doing something like a bell pull in case she's not a big reader or has an e-reader. It would be bigger but not something as huge as an HAED. Good luck!

  5. Thanks all your ideas are good but I still don't know yet, still looking into it.

  6. There are a lot of beautiful, colorful fractal patterns, but unless it was a bookmark it would be pretty large and time consuming. I also thought of rainbows or flowers. Here's a bright free pattern, but again it is pretty large.

  7. I really love the framed picture of your friend Zac. What a sweet way to remember him. :)