Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hi, I was dusting off some of my cross stitch Saturday that I keep under a desk and I found my very 1st kit that I ever stitched way back. I put it  with a few others that I did around the same time. 
I started cross stitching in high school when it was the end of the year, all the school work was done so I had a choice of playing sport (which I hate) or sewing. You can guess what I want for. It was a little christmas tree that I never did get stitched and with only very little time to learn. School holidays in a craft store my mum got me my 1st kit and I was hooked. I have come so far looking back at what I stitched back then. No one in my family or circle of friends stitch. I did try once but it did not go anywhere. 

I was dusting because I plan to sell a few and a friend is going to help me do that. I thought I would show you before they leave my house.. or that's my hope.

I've been stitching Mini Pirate, I was hoping to stitch the page but I can not look at anymore red and orange. I've been sitting there and just looking at it not stitching. So I've put it away again.

Now I'v got out Rose of sharon and I will take a photo when I do the stitch from stash post.

Oh and what do you all think about this chart from XS Collectibles for my friend. It's full of color, and no I have not got it yet but I'm thinking about it. Be great stitched on black. Tell me what you guys think.

I did not get the name of it opps I don't even know the size my bad....

Happy stitching


  1. I have a fractal that I worked on for a while when I was really stressed out. Ending up tossing it because I didn't want the memories associated with it, but it was a nice soothing project.

  2. Very colorful I think it will look great on black

  3. Some of your early projects are really cute - especially the little mermaid. Good luck selling them!
    The fractal you (might) have chosen is beautiful and happens to be in my stash! It is very big - 384 x 384 stitches but would look wonderful on black.