Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PR Sal

Hi stitchers

I needed to put April Fairy away and as I was looking for what to stitch next I found the PR Sal right down the bottom. It needed some love.

So here is the lady I was stitching before it went away

And now all done but for beads

And I stitched another lady

I have 5 more to stitch before I can have fun with the beading, and it's done.

Tomorrow I go to a craft show in the city, I've saved up for it and can not wait. Hope to find lots of great stitching stash. So looking forward to it.

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Lovely lady , beautiful stitching .

  2. Love the colours, very pretty💜

  3. I read this post after the post you wrote about the fair, it's so awful that it was so disappointing when you were looking forward to it so much! Love your two finishes on the ladies for the PR sal.

  4. Stunning stitching, well done on getting the row finished.