Friday, May 6, 2016

Little by Little

Hi all thank you for all your nice comments.

Ok I did very little on Autumn this week. She was hard to get into. It's sad because there's not much to stitch and I can see the end of her but just had a really hard time stitching. 

Here's the little I've done 

On Queen mermaid I've started but I would love to have the braid so I'm going to wait before I stitch anymore. Should not be long.

Here's  the little bit I've done lol 

And next is another new start my Frost Dragonling. I thought I would start with page 1 and now wish I did the middle. This page is sooooo boring I'm thinking of unpicking and starting in the middle, what do you think?

Here is what I've stitched and what she will look like one day

I also keep looking at 2 heaven and earth charts to start them. I have everything and can start now.
I will start in the middle too lol.

They are a stitch in time and Earwen here are the pics of what they look like

I don't know what to do, what about you? What are your ideas?

I will see what happens this week I guess, or take your ideas to heart.

Until my next post
Happy Stitching!!!


  1. I love ASIT so I would choose that first personally ;). They're both great though. As for frost dragon king (who I also love), why don't you just leave it where it is instead of unpicking and start in the middle anyway? You'll have to do that page eventually so why not intersperse the black with the other pages?

  2. Oh dear, you do have a couple of dilemmas. I can't really offer any advice other than you need to go with what's drawing you in the most. Good luck in deciding. :)

  3. What lovely designs, I would stitch on one per each day in turn , that way my be slower but what fun.

  4. There's just too much temptation! I agree don't frog Dragonling. I have been looking for a good Northern lights chart for a while and that top left corner is just what I'm looking for - but much bigger!

  5. Lovely choices, I am having the same dilemma so I can't offer any advice.

  6. lovely progress:) they are all gorgeous designs.