Sunday, May 15, 2016

All For 3

Hi well after my last post what did I do?

I colored as I could not make up my mind. See colouring angel blog

Then I stitched a little more dark blue (looks like black) on Frost Dragonling

And started A Stitch in Time

I asked a friend if I could use one of her big frames 4f one, she told me I could have it as long as I need how cool is that. Saves holding and working around all that fabric. I stitch without a frame so it's slow going as I get use to it. I'm stitching in blocks on this one I think. Yes it's in the middle page 25 lol.
This block is 30 up by 28 across I think.

I think I will do more on stitch in time and it's my focus right now.

So here is what it will look like one day if you have not seen it yet lol

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. That is a MASSIVE piece of fabric! I also have that pattern, but have been holding off because of it's large size. I'm going to watch your progress to see how it goes before I try, so good luck!

  2. Beautiful progress! A friend bought A Stitch In Time Max Colors for me and I am so eager to work on it. (Guess it's time to get off the computer and work toward finishing a WIP so I can have a new start!) I look forward to watching your progress!