Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What's stitching 2015

Opps I did write this post 27th Dec but it's from a draft so sorry it's came up with 4 days ago.

Hi, I hope you all had a great Christmas.

First I would like to say a big thank you to all of you that have left me a comment or become a follower this year. I might not reply to you but I love all your feedback to my stitching. I hope you will leave me many more in 2015.

So what's on for 2015?

I have 3 charts that must be stitched in 2015. 
They are gifts but I will still get to show you as I stitch them because they don't look at my blog. 

Over Christmas I stitched on all 3 so here they are:

The Rose Of Sharon

Here is what she looks like as of today

Sleep Time (New Start)

And So far

Story keep Seasons Spring

So Far (New Start) 

I also hope to get the PR Sal all stitched up in 2015
This is what it looks like so far

Now as you know I'm not doing the stitch from stash sal in 2015 but I did want to join a sal, something fun and easy and so for 2015 I'm doing

TUSAL by itsdaffycat@blogspot.com.au
Just put your cut off thread in a vase or jar and take a photo by the date every month.
My photo's will also have angels or fairies I have around the house it's where I got my blog name from. So I hope you all don't mind if I post a vase of thread every month, after I post the thread will go into the bin and I start again. I just have to remember not to put them in the bin before the photo. 

So that's the plan for 2015 and everything else I stitch or start is a bonus. 
Happy stitching!! And see you all in the new year.


  1. All your projects are beautiful! Looking forward to watching your progress on them throughout the year.