Monday, December 1, 2014

50% Heaven and Earth Sale

New Charts, I've been waiting for this sale. Happy Dance!!

For my friend to be stitched 2015

Story Keep Seasons Spring

I have this fabric in my stash for this chart what do you think, sorry it's not a good photo.

I also got the following charts

Spring Showers, 
He is soooo cute. I plan to use green fabric as you will see it where the brown/peach edge is, or what other color should I use do you think?

And Mini Raven Kin. I love her.

So that's it. Now I need to get the DMC and fabric, it will be next year I think before I do.
Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Good choices! Personally I would stitch showers on purple to match the flowers and suds but that's just me I think green would be pretty too. Or maybe a green and purple mottled fabric. I love mottleds :)

  2. I'm glad you've got the chart and fabric for your friend, along with some new stash for yourself. Spring Showers would look good on any fabric that coordinates with one of the colours in the picture. Have fun choosing! :)

  3. Lovely choices! I love the fabric for the Story Keep. I think I'd probably go the same way as Heather and maybe go for a purple/green mottled or even a pale blue. I look forward to seeing what you pick!