Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter With A Mermaid

Hi, Happy Easter to all my stitchy friends 

I would like to thank the 3 lady's who helped me find a new place for threads and beads. 
I went with 123 stitch and hope I get them in the mail soon. 

So I'm still stitch the queen mermaid and here is a update on her

I'm hoping to stitch her over Easter. I want to move on to A Stitch In Time but right now I'm staying with my queen. 

I was thinking the other day as I was looking at a few blogs that we show our stitching but not what we use. Eg type, size of frame if we use one. A few charts I see like the huge heaven and earth ones I would love to know how people handle all the fabric. 

So I ask you out there on your blog if you have one to take a photo of your frames with your stitching and also how you hold them if not by hand. Pass the question along on your blogs? 

If you ask me I would say most of the time i use my hand to hold and stitch, I used to use a frame for the small ones but now I don't. For a really big heaven and earth one like a stitch in time I'm using a big frame here is a photo, it needs a like fix and then I hope to stitch again on it.

It's not a great photo but you get the idea.

Happy Easter and I hope you find lots of time to eat chocolate and stitch! Look forward to seeing how you all stitch.


  1. Happy Easter.
    I use different round size frames , but take them out of the frame when I finish stitching each time..
    I have tried loads of big frames on stands too. but they get in the way of family life. So back to my round frames I move it around when stitching and roll and clip the spare material up.

  2. I stitch in hand! I would use a frame for a much larger piece but have never tried anything as big as your HAED!
    Beautiful stitching on your pretty mermaid.

  3. Beautiful progress on the mermaid.
    I use qsnap for most of my stitching projects.
    I would love to have a Millenium mediaum size frame & matching stand but have long given up on being able to order the stuff.... One year ago I was informed I was on the waiting list!!!

  4. Although I have numerous huge ones in my stash, I haven't started one yet because of the whole framing issue. I started out stitching by hand and when I got my first lap stand, that was the end of that. I can stitch faster because I'm able to use both hands (one on top and one on the bottom). I find that if I try to stitch with a hoop now, I tend to grip it so tight that my hand cramps around it.

  5. I stitch my HAED's on q-snap frames! Grime guards are great for holding excess fabric, I just roll it and tuck it into the grime guard. You can get a similar thing for scroll frames too. I've also got a 20 inch extension kit for when the projects get wide... Which means less excess fabric to deal with on the sides. I like to balance the frame between my desk and table in order to stitch two-handed. Have a fantastic Easter!!!!!

  6. I use hoops and scroll frames. Currently my HAED is on a scroll frame which takes care of the extra fabric. Hope you had a great Easter.