Friday, November 18, 2016

Will I make it?

Hi all still stitching the tiger. 

Will I make it on time? I don't know, 

I'm hoping for the 7th dec done but if not max is the 15th dec? I really don't want to put a iou in a Xmas card.

Might need a few late nights see how it goes. 

So far its just over half way maybe. I will try and do a bit this weekend.

I will be so happy when this one is done, I hate putting myself on a timetable for my stitching.

The good news is I'm still stitching on the tiger when I can, as it's been busy around here. 

The bad news is I don't want to stitch the tiger but on my mini pirate and I want to color but if I'm to make the tiger a Xmas gift it's what I got to stitch/do right now. Ah.

Anyway here is the update 

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. It looks lovely, just keep stitching!!

  2. You've made substantial progress since the last update and it looks wonderful! Keep at it, you can finish :)

  3. I totally understand how you feel. I like stitching challenges and events but stitching to a deadline can be killer. It's why all my baby samplers are so late. One of them is in High School already LOL! Good luck stunner, head down and stitch. You can do it. xoxo Alicia

  4. I completely understand. I felt like I was on a hardcore deadline for 6 months with Paradise. It's looking great!