Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tusal and a little bit more

Hi here is my Tusal for June with a pot of my mums flowers.

So pretty!

So I was going to start a new cross stitch kit but I saw all the back stitch I was going to have to do and so the kit went away. I hate back stitch right now.

I got out the elephant latch hook instead and did a few rows here's a pic

I also started page 6 of mini pirate 

I'm thinking I will now just stitch on her until done but who knows.

Here is Jessie just before a walk with mum holding her, so cute.

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Not fond of backstitch too, the elephant is cute. Lovely progress on your WIP. Puppy looking so comfy, lol, so cute:)

  2. beautiful flowers and stitching, love your latch hook. your puppy is so cute :)

  3. Love jessie so cute, love your Wips.

  4. I've never done latch hook, that's lovely!
    Loving mini pirate, look forward to seeing more of that

  5. Great progress with Mini Pirate, she looks fab! I've never tried Latch hook, but that elephant is so cute.

    How gorgeous is Jessie! What a little cutie! I'd never get any stitching done as I'd be too busy giving her cuddles!!

  6. Great work and what an adorable pup!

  7. Haven't done latchet hook in years - you've got a great pattern there. Adorable puppy! Very nice progress on mini pirate.