Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rose of Sharon

Hi all Hope you had a great Easter. 
I know I did a little stitching but I don't really see it, maybe you will.

Here is rose, Ive been stitching on her dress again.

On other news. I forgot what its like to have a puppy. With Zac my last dog my dad did most of his training and he was more my dads dog but Jessie is so mine. 
So Toilet training has been going well and she now goes outside it's now rare that she pees inside. I read that it will be until she is 6 months before she has total control of this but for 2 months she is doing great I think. She can now also sit when I tell her too which is great right now as I'm using her "sit" to stop her pulling my pants when I walk. lol So far its working. Now if I can find a way for her to be gentle when she is playing/ biting my fingers. I'm getting a few books from the library I hope will help. She is very playful and we think she is Maltese part cat. She loves playing on her back and it's so cute I hope she does not change this. I do not know a dog who plays on its back, until her. She has been keeping me busy I'm lucky if I get any stitching done.   
We looked into puppy school but its $180 to $280 and we as a family think its too much when she knows half of what they teach you. Toilet training, sit, stay (I'm working on this now) She comes back when called so far. She can not see other dogs just yet in 2 weeks after the vets we can take her for her first walk which I think will be fun as she loves looking out the gate we have. Oh having a puppy is fun but also a lot of work, I forgot about all this but would not change it. I now love her.   

I'm also thinking of buying this HEAD chart when there's a 50% sale.

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Your Rose of sharon is lovely, I have this sitting in stash drawer waiting to be done lol such a cute puppy :) amazing you have got any stitching done at all :) I'd be playing with puppy all the time lol she's beautiful and looks great fun.

  2. She's a cutie. I was just looking at that chart yesterday I think you should do it!

  3. That's a big HAED! Your Rose of Sharon is looking great. I stitched this one many years ago and it's lovely to stitch.

  4. I love Rose of Sharon, that dress is beautiful!

    Jessie is lovely, such a little sweetie, please give her a huge hug from me!

    The HAED is lovely, I love the alphabet, have you also looked at the Samplers?

  5. Sharon is looking great and as for your puppy - how cute is she! I'm glad she's behaving and beginning her training well. Let's hope you can fully train her without having to pay for a puppy school. :)

  6. D'aw puppies! She's so cute. It sounds like you've got the training on your own. Tsk, I want a puppy when it should be far from my mind right now. Hehe.

  7. Sharon is just beautiful and your puppy so so cute! She could get away with almost anything naughty being so adorable :D

  8. Sounds like you are doing everything right with her!! She even looks like she is part cat! My gosh, she is a cutie! Once she changes her teeth she should be better with the mouthing. Those little needle teeth that pups have are brutal. My dog, a shiba inu, plays and sleeps on her back all the time.
    Rose of Sharon is coming along nicely. I stitched her a few years ago and she is stunning when finished.

  9. Your Rose is gorgeous!
    Cute puppy. Wishing you well with her training!