Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Border and a Change

Stitched more of the border this week, 2 1/2 blocks until the side is done. I hope to do them today. I've  been reading or there would have been more stitched. 

I can see the end which is great.

Now for the change
I'm losing my joy of stitching and I know it's because of "the 3" I don't want to stitch them so my stitching has become very slow and I'm starting to look for other things to do. 
So my idea is that I finish Sleep Time as it's so close and then I can stitch what I want to stitch for a little while before going back to "the 3". I don't know what I will stitch as there are so many but even now knowing I can get away from "the 3" I feel better. Plans change and I've had to change mine. Hope you all don't mind. More on Sleep Time later. 
Happy Stitching!!!  


  1. Love what you've done, sleeptime is SO cute. I couldn't do a stitch challenge, I would find it boring and tedious to HAVE to do certain things by a certain time. I like to be free to do whatever I want when I want :)

  2. I love the bright colours in bunny's border, and you've made good progress.
    I'm glad you've found a way forward with your stitching. Set-in-stone plans can be so hard to follow ,so allowing yourself the flexibility of which projects to work on should definitely see an increase in your happiness and contentment. :)

  3. Sleeptime is adorable. Stitching should be enjoyable, do what makes you feel inspired.


  4. Lovely colours in this! Well done on the progress.

    I'm currently stitching 2 projects that I really am not enjoying, one is a kit that a relative asked me to stitch and I kind of felt a bit pushed into it and couldn't say no. The other is one that I love, but hate the fabric, making it a real chore. I'm glad you are finding a way to make it more enjoyable for you!

  5. This is an adorable pattern to be working on but I can fully understand how you feel.. This happen to me... A LOT!! :D
    Great idea to start something you want, you'll see, you'll then make speedy progress :)

  6. Aww so adorable!!! Almost there, cheer cheer cheer!!!

    I think every stitcher goes through this. The "have to" projects even if we love them at first can become a bone of contention. I think your idea is perfect. Get away from it and indulge in something you love. It can act as a kind of reward for when you get back to the 3.

    I also want to thank you for stopping by at my last blog post and leaving a lovely comment. You are a no reply blogger so I couldn't reply via email.

    Take care stunner and happy stitching!
    xo Alicia