Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stitch From Stash 2014

Hi, I was looking to join a online stitching group next year and let me tell you there's a lot.

The only one that made me jump up and down so far is the one going at

Epic Stitching by Mel is going to start Stitch from Stash and I love this idea. 
I so need to save money next year and like many of us we have more stash then we know what to do with, or even have time to stitch it all. I hate to know just how much money I did spend this year on my stitching with charts, DMC and Aida. So this so works for me. 

# Get a $25 Budget a month, it can roll over if you don't use it.

# Post and let Mel know by 28th every month

#  Gift are Exemptions which is good to know.

# Stitch only from your Stash (easy for me right now)

So If you to want to join go to Epic stitching for all the details before 2nd January 2014 .

See you all in the new year!!!
Happy stitching

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