Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sad Week

For anyone who has a pet or is a animal lover, to lose one is heartbreaking.
On 20th August my love bird charlie died. He was my baby. We have a avery in the backyard and I saved him from being killed by the other birds, he did not know how to fly back then. He lived in my bedroom and would wake me up with his chirping and make lots of noise with his toys when it was time to go to bed until I turned out the light. He loved to play ball with a little cat toy, pushing it around on the bed. He would wag his tail when happy and loved to fly around and he loved to cuddle into you.
I miss him.

A year or so after getting him I went to a craft show and found The Omnibook Of Exotic Pets. Back then I also had fish. There is a chart on love birds that I was always going to stitch, but like you do I forgot about it until now. So to always rember my mate I've stitched it and when I get it framed I will put this photo below with it, it the only good one I have of him. You don't think to take a photo of a bird, even if he means a lot to you. 

                       My Charlie

Goodbye Charlie.


  1. Sorry for your loss.
    A lovely pic of Charlie , and a lovely tribute to him ,x