Saturday, May 4, 2013

SK Butterflies

Hi, I have not done as much as I would have liked by now but I have done all the dark blue which looks black. So here's a pic...

Also I'm not one to buy The world of cross stitching mag anymore as they never have what I want to stitch been like this for a while but yes I had to get 2 copy's the May and June as they have a part 1/part 2 of Rachel Anderson Opal Fairy Dreams and I just fell in love with it. Also in June and on the cover is a cute garden adventure that I would not mind stitching.
I had to get both on my iPad as my news agency is so behind like 3 mag's behind. I have never got a mag on my iPad before. As I was working out how to use it I realized, when I do start stitching I will not be able to highlight what I have done or mark it in any way. It will make it hard but that's not going to stop me from stitching it one day.

Have any of you stitched using a iPad? Tips would be welcome.

Well that's it for now so Happy stitching and I hope my next post will be of Sk page 2 done

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